How to Sniff Out the Best Deals on Hotels near Silom

Looking for some good deals on a Silom hotel? This district is often referred to as the Wall Street of Thailand and for a good reason. It is the country’s most important financial district and certainly the nerve center of the Thai financial industry with plenty of many financial players in the country situated here.

good deals on a Silom hotel

As you would expect, the infrastructure in this Thai financial centre is highly sophisticated and really top notch. You will find plenty of excellent hotels here that will really cost you a fortune. These include the various bank headquarters, corporate headquarters, the headquarters for many global multinationals amongst many others.

As you would expect, the accommodation rates in this Thai financial Mecca is really on the pricier end. They don’t come cheap. This naturally necessitates going on deal-hunting if you are looking for top end accommodation and plenty of savings along the way.

When it comes to saving money on the top end accommodation, there are plenty of secrets that savvy travelers can always use in order to amass their savings and get true value for money. You could use these in order to get some good deals on a Silom hotel.

How to Pay Less for Your Rooms in Silom

There are plenty of ways through which you could pay very little if you are looking for top value for money in Silom. The first point has to do with the common assumptions that we generally make about the high end seemingly overly pricey hotels. Never ever assume that those room prices are fixed.

Hotel room prices are sold like many other commodities at different prices depending on the retailer from which you purchase the product. The same applies when it comes to room prices when you are looking for good deals on a Silom hotel. It is important to understand that there is always a leeway for you to get a better deal.

Verify the hotel’s own price

Before you rush out into shopping for deals in the travel marketplace, it is important to check the price that is offered on the hotel website first. It can actually be cheaper than what you will find from the online travel agencies.

The top end hotels in Silom also generally offer special discounts and promotions during the festive seasons that you can take advantage of in order to cut down on your costs of reservations.

The hidden mega-bargains

You could be planning to stay in a top end hotel in Silom but you don’t really care about which hotel as long as it is a quality one. In this case, you could leverage the hot secret deals offered by websites such as and These have the secret hotels sections where you could specify your star level and score some really superb discounts on your rooms.

Make use of the price comparison websites

This is one of the most effective ways that you can use to unearth the best deals on hotels in Silom. There are several highly efficient and reliable price comparison tools where you are certainly guaranteed a good price. These include the comparison tools such as the TravelSupermarket, Trivago, and TripAdvisor.

Looking for a business hotel near Silom where you can look forward to some pampering for cheap? Check out the Aetas Lumpini which is the true definition of luxury and prestige close to Silom. Choose from over 200 luxurious and comfortable guest rooms that will match any luxurious five star accommodation options that you can find out there.

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Top restaurants to dine in Parkes

A very vibrant and fun loving small town located in New South Wales, Parkes is definitely among the top places to visit in Australia. Located on the west side of Sydney, this town is thriving and famous for the annual Parkes Elvis festival, and is also the central base for exploring. Its landscape is well sculptured with national parks, various historic sites and buildings such as the bushman’s hill goldmine, museums, etc. With a flourishing social calendar, Parkes is definitely among the top places in Australia to have some fun. Apart from this, let’s not forget the various delicious cuisines, both local and international offered at some of the best Parkes restaurants with satisfactory services.

Parkes restaurants

Some of the top restaurants in Parkes are…

        i.            Bella’s café.

With a modern Italian home-style and theme, this is definitely the best restaurants Parkes offers. Most of their cuisines are classical with a modern twist added to every flavor. It is located in 245 Clarinda, the heart of the town, making it easily accessible by everyone. It is open every day, making it the perfect place to stop over for a cappuccino as you rush to work, have lunch or dinner with your loved ones.

      ii.            Dish café.

A 2-storey glass, and an exceptional restaurant offering a magnificent view of the radio telescope, is definitely among the top places to dine in Parkes. Located on telescope road, at the base of world famous DISH, this café offers a modern ambience with a very peaceful surrounding. You’ll get to experience and enjoy meals as they are freshly prepared for you. Most of the cuisines prepared here have a modern, Australian touch, which includes signature dishes, baked daily.

    iii.            Pizza hut.

This is a family friendly restaurant, the perfect place to stop over for some delicious, sumptuous pizza. Pizza is not pizza until you have a bite from the pizza hut. Whatever your taste, you wouldn’t miss it from them.

    iv.            Ikon.

This is the ultimate place to enjoy a modern Australian dining experience with a blend of French. Ikon offers a serene atmosphere with a classical yet contemporary setting. From food, wine and drinks, their modern Australian menu offers an extensive list with some of the best wine varieties across the globe. This is definitely the perfect place for an evening date or dinner.

      v.            The dock.

With an architectural design of a court house, the dock restaurant dates way back to the 18th century. It has been redesigned with a twist of both modern and vintage style. It has an open fire place, which creates a serene atmosphere as you enjoy the different cuisines they offer. This is certainly among the best Parkes restaurants to catch up with friends.

    vi.            McDonald’s.

This is a popular restaurant well known all over the world. It is popular for its classical long running fast foods such as burgers, fries, sandwiches, shakes, etc. It is one of the most visited Parkes restaurants for fast foods, located along Bogan and Grenfell Street.

These are just a few among the best of Parkes restaurants to enjoy various cuisines.

For more information on any restaurant in Parkes, you can visit the website of the same.

5 Adventures in Noosa That You Must Try

Noosa, Queensland is what dreams are made of, a mythical place with plenty to see and do. Once you find the best accom Noosa has, you can explore some of the other delights this gorgeous area has to offer. Fall is a gorgeous season here, take advantage of the warm weather and friendly people and dive into a holiday in Noosa.

accom noosa

Frasier Island Explorer Tour

From lakes to ancient rainforests, this island holds unparalleled beauty. You can do a two day tour and stay on the long 75 miles of beaches or just visit for a day on a guided tour. It’s your choice depending on how much of the island you want to explore. Since tours leave each day, you can stay at one of the luxurious Noosaville Resorts and pick a day to explore and return if you wish. A 4 wheel drive is not required when you take a guided tour. The hard part is left to your guides.

Aussie Bike Tours and Rentals

When we say bike tour and rental, we don’t mean a regular two wheel pedal-your-way-around  bike. Unless that is what you are looking for! We mean a roaring engine, crowd pleasing, vibrating motor with the wind through your hair kind of bike, a motorcycle. We mean a Harley Davidson, a Suzuki, Honda and other famous bikes with you on top exploring the beach and all Noosa has to offer. There are also bikes that are trail bikes and can be ridden on the beach. What fantastic living room pictures these will make.

Air Frasier Tours

Would you prefer more of a bird’s eye view of Frasier Island? One where you can see it all at breathtaking heights, capturing photos you have only seen in National Geographic? It is a possibility with Air Frasier Tours. With a few different types of guided air tours, you can explore the island in a way that will leave you  breathless and wanting to schedule a second flight. The best part is the beach is your airstrip. Take a short trip from your accom Noosa place and do something you only dreamed of.

Whale Watching in Brisbane

Just a short drive from your accom Noosa holiday location is Moreton Bay and some of the earth’s most majestic creatures, whales. Spend a day eyeing and learning all about them on top of the multimillion dollar MV Eye Spy and see them right in front of you enjoying their natural habitat. This isn’t captured whales at a theme park, it’s up close wild whales in a way you have never seen them before.

Noosa Dreamboats

Have you ever seen those movies with the stars in the 1940s cruising by on a speedboat and felt a twinge of nostalgia mixed with envy? Recreate the magic with a day on a 1940s Mahogany Speedboat. There are different cruises available from a short one hour trip to longer tours. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

Book Your Trip Now

Book your holiday in Noosa and enjoy these fantastic adventures as well as dozens more. With all kinds of resort style accommodation, you can spend your days on adventures and nights unwinding in paradise.  Contact to find Noosa accommodation that suits your needs.

Undeniable Reasons to Take Your Friends and Loved Ones to Mekong Cruises

If you are keen to find out the most revitalizing activities that many people engage during their vacations, cruising could top the list. The happiness and joy that cruise activity brings to those engage it is worth the money and time they spend in it. In fact, some people take the time to decide which among the lakes, oceans or rivers they should cruise just to have exceptional fun. If you intend to enjoy cruising for the first time, consider Mekong cruises beneficial to you and your health because:

They Make Your Vacation Great and Valuable

Your vacation becomes greater and valuable with cruises because they incorporate all that you need to make your trip fantastic. Reliable transport to different destinations, evening and daytime entertainment, quality accommodation and tasty food are part of the things you enjoy in your cruise. Actually, the accommodation and meals that Mekong cruises provide to people are cheaper than those in the nearby beach hotels. Parents with kids benefit more because most cruise lines offer discounted or even free cruises especially if they happen to stay together in one cabin. The shore tours, gratuities, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages the cruise lines offer will make your vacation memorable.

They Offer Multiple Destinations and You Only Unpack Once

The cruise you choose will take you to different cities and islands, and the beauty of it all is that you will only unpack once. Most cruise lines ensure that their clients do not lug their traveling bag and suitcases along the streets or even suffer disappointment that comes with mismatched ferry or train schedules. You won’t believe waking up in a new place every morning in your cruise. Just decide to take the river cruise Asia has to offer and discover the truth in this.

It’s Easy to Organize and Plan Cruise Vacations

Many people consider cruise vacations easy to plan and the most exciting because you don’t plan for accommodation and transport separately. You only need to pick your cabin in the ship and relax since cruise agents would coordinate travel from one city to another for you. These agents would also organize your airfare and help you select a departure port with cost effective driving or riding distance. If you choose a cruise Vietnam has today, you would find this true.

Cruising Activity is Social

The cruise Cambodia has to offer gives you the opportunity to meet new people from different corners of the world and make great friendships with them. Your kids will be excited to meet new playmates who would in turn teach them new games. Actually, your kids would boost their self-esteem once they see how other kids they have never met embrace them.

Cruising Rekindles Romance Between Lovers

Besides enjoying the ocean wind in your hair together with your spouse or lover, you would also be excited to watch the stars as they twinkle above you. The evening time you spend together onshore during the cruise vacation is a good preservative for the love you have for each other. The two of you would greatly enjoy dancing, sitting at the lounge chairs next to a pool, and even sharing a dinner table. With these in mind, you would always with to enjoy Mekong cruises again. For more information visit

Add more spice to the holidays with the best family excursions in the Algarve

Algarve is an alluring place that comprises of numerous golden beaches, breathtaking cliffs, sandy islands and scalloped bays. It is always in the list of the tourists all across the world. Excursions are truly valuable, especially when someone is planning it for the entire family. The best family excursions in the Algarve are like retreat from the chaos that creeps into the lives of people. The beauty and splendor of these places can be surely a perfect setting for a romantic gateway.

The beautiful sandy beaches are one of the major attractions of the best family excursions in the Algarve as they are some of the best in the world. The fantastic Algarve weather adds more to the lovely ambience of this holiday destination. It delivers dry sunny days for most of the year that makes enjoying the outdoor life, a way of life.

fVisit the Algarve on any Budget!

One of the best things about a holiday in Algarve is that it can be both cheap and lavish, which largely depends on the budget of the family. A large variety of accommodation options is available here; from rooms, to campsites, hostels, guesthouses, luxury resorts, hotels and many more. These days, companies offer exclusively designed excursion packages, which come with a range of interesting opportunities that include Albufeira bullfighting, Swimming with Sealions in the Algarve and many more.

The local dining, cafes and restaurants are quite famous with Algarvian locals who provide amazing value for the money by serving the authentic ‘taste of Portugal’. The tourists can also include the Fatima tickets Algarve offers in their excursion that will definitely add more to the overall fun and excitement to the journey. Not only that, the cruises are quite reasonable here and fit every budget traveler’s pocket. So going for one will certainly not be a problem.

Enjoy the happening ambience in the Algarve

There is always a great range of events that occurs in Algarve throughout the year like awesome car rallies, sailing and golf championships, motorsport events and many more. The agencies also offer the golden chance to the tourists to visit the sanctuary of Fatima and enjoy the free time for lunch, shopping and attending the mass at the Chapel of Apparitions. The jeep safari is a fun task which is full of excitement and adventure for the people who look for some adrenaline rich activities. During the summer season, the guests can have a nice time on the beach parties, open-air concerts, jazz festivals and variety of other fantastic events.

Conclusion: Algarve is a famous holiday destination that is featured with award winning beaches dipped in bucket loads of sunshine. The tourists can easily find the best family excursions in the Algarve that are exclusively customized to suit every family’s budget. Algarve is also famous for its shopping markets where the shopaholic tourists can surely test their bargaining skills. One can easily find a rich selection of restaurants and dining options in Algarve that are popular all around the world for serving lipsmashing food.

Learn more information here at

Gap Year: Preparing Yourself For a Brighter Future

Going to college is a very serious matter. There are a lot of things to consider such as what course to major at, the university that you will be attending and the number of subjects that you are going to enroll. Because of that, a gap year might be needed to help get your thoughts straightened out and look at the brighter picture. If you don’t know what a gap year is and are looking for things to do during it, read on to this article to find out more.

What is it?

According to The Center for Interim Programs, a gap year is defined as a year off before going to college (right after high school or the equivalent). This is also applicable to students who have just finished their bachelor’s degree and are looking forward to get their post graduate studies. During these times, students engage in self-developing activities such as learning new trades, volunteering, interning and sports training.

Why should I have a gap year?

A sabbatical year (other name for it) can be very helpful to your future career if you use it wisely. According to, 90 percent of students who took a sabbatical year immediately returned to college or post grad school. In addition to that, according to Middlebury College, their students who took a year off to ponder on their life goals (sabbatical year) had higher GPA’s (up to 0.5 to 1 point higher). Another interesting fact that has been found out is that students who had sabbatical years before pursuing college or post grad studies were contented with their jobs. In addition to that, according to Haigler and Nelson, students who had gap years have a less selfish approach when it comes to performing their jobs.

What activities should I do during this period of time?

A gap year can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. However, the best way of doing it is by volunteering. Researches have reported that there are employers that take in volunteering seriously. They view applicants that have volunteered as unselfish and good team players. Volunteering in India for example, gives you an in depth view of the realities of life. Because of these experiences, you will learn the value of money and the resources that are readily available in your home country especially if you do social works in the poorer parts of the said country. You might not be the volunteer India wants, but you are the volunteer India needs.

If you are more of the outdoorsy type and love the sea and the beach, there are Bali travel deals that might fit your budget. Always remember that it is sure great to have fun while having a gap year, but, it is much better if you are able to help those who are in need as well.

Things to remember

Always keep in mind that you are there to volunteer, so don’t expect that you are going to get paid. Another thing to remember is to do a thorough research about the place and the agency that will help you with your sabbatical year. And lastly, remember that you are here to learn. So, bring a journal, take a lot of pictures, make a lot of friends and have fun!

Get accommodation in Witta circle Noosa heads while you travel to Noosa

How would it feel if you check into a hotel to find that the rooms are shabby, the location is completely out of the town, and the services are pathetic? No matter which part of the world you travel to, this is one experience that you might need to go through if you do not check the reviews and testimonials about the hotel prior to booking it. Accommodation options like Witta circle Noosa headsshould be opted for as these types of accommodations are ideal for those who want a relaxing holiday by the waterside where they could bask in the rays of the sun and enjoy the beauty of the landscape around them.

Hasting St is the place to hang around

While travelling to Noosa region in Queensland, Australia, if you ever get worried about where to get accommodation Noosa based, then you must get relieved with the news that there are many areas in and around downtown Noosa, which offer some of the very best accommodation in Noosa. Hastings St is one such area, which has wide choices of accommodation likeWitta circle Noosa heads. There are many benefits of choosing an accommodation in Hasting St as well.

While you are in Noosa, you would find yourself spending most of the time in two places, either on the beaches or walking around in Hastings St. This is one place, which can be considered as the hub of dining and shopping in Noosa region. Not only will you get some of the best options of hotels in this area, but you will find many exciting shopping options as well. Boutique outlets for shopping of fashion, jewelry and many other things are very widely available in the Hasting St area.

Multiple options are available

Coming back to accommodation in Noosa, when you plan to book accommodation noosa widehotels that are available by the beachside should be your first preference. There are many affordable as well as comfortable options of stay like Witta circle Noosa heads, that include the various budget hotels for budget travelers and backpackers, and then there are B&B joints and inexpensive guest houses as well.

Routine things that should be checked

While choosing any accommodation, you should not fail to check out certain basic things like whether they allow pets (in case you carry one to run with you along the shoreline), or whether the accommodation will be provided along with food that would be included in the charges. You should also check out the locality of the hotel or any other mode of accommodation that you would be choosing for your stay. If not directly on the beachside, you would certainly not want to stay in some ugly corner of the city from where getting around would be a very difficult task.

There are many factors that decide whether a vacation becomes memorable or not, and accommodation options are one of the major factors among them. If your place of stay is not a cool and comfortable one, no matter how lovely other experiences may be, you would certainly not rate that particular vacation as a top rated one in your life.

Tips on Volunteering in Fiji

Planning to volunteer overseas in Sydney? This Pacific paradise is one of the main volunteering destinations in the world and there are plenty of causes where you can get yourself involved and make a contribution towards making the world a better place. Fiji is mostly a beach paradise where you can experience the best of tropical atmosphere along with plenty of attractions such as scuba diving, surfing, island hoping and partying amongst others.
volunteer overseas

When you are volunteering overseas in Fiji, you can also mix it with a little bit of fun and take in some of the best experiences in the country. A third of the population in Fiji lives below the poverty line but the country is not just grappling with social problems. Additionally, there are plenty of environment and conservation opportunities in the country that offer you a great challenge.

One of the main issues as a small tropical island is that it is very vulnerable to the effects of climate change and experiences its fair share of natural disasters. When you volunteer in Fiji, there are many priority areas where volunteers typically make a contribution and where you are likely to find a wide network of support as well as opportunities to make a big difference. There are Fiji volunteer overseas opportunities such as training teachers, developing school curriculum, working as special teachers and even in nutrition programs in order to combat cases of malnutrition in the country.

Other areas of priority when it comes to volunteering in Fiji include community development programs, sustainable development volunteering opportunities and involvement in policy-making at various levels in order to support government and nonprofit initiatives.

Volunteering overseas in Fiji does not have to cost you a fortune. With professional volunteer overseas programs offered by providers such as Involvement Volunteers International or the IVI, you can get various packages that are suited to your needs, preferences and budgets. Some of the volunteer opportunities offered under this program include the following –

·         Diabetes as well as nutritional education

·         Volunteering in Fijian orphanages

·         Teaching in remote islands

·         Volunteer opportunities in animal shelters

·         Volunteering in special needs programs

·         Volunteering in kindergartens

·         Marine conservation volunteering programs

·         Turtle conservation programs

You can choose from varied volunteer overseas placement programs such as the home stay placement programs, the standard placements as well as the specialty placements. There are many advantages which are associated with choosing volunteer programs as opposed to going it alone. For example, you can leverage on their local knowledge and experience in order to unlock the best volunteering opportunities.

These programs generally offer you full-time support for the duration of the volunteer program. If you are going to Fiji for the first time, you will get competent advice and experience that will help you make the most of this opportunity.

Apart from the volunteering, there is also the opportunity to explore many of the Fijian attractions including the lush tropical beaches for relaxation and sightseeing. With IVI, you can get the advantage of 25 years of expertise in volunteering services as well as a good choice of programs where you can apply your skills and passion in order to make a difference.