Tips on Volunteering in Fiji

Planning to volunteer overseas in Sydney? This Pacific paradise is one of the main volunteering destinations in the world and there are plenty of causes where you can get yourself involved and make a contribution towards making the world a better place. Fiji is mostly a beach paradise where you can experience the best of tropical atmosphere along with plenty of attractions such as scuba diving, surfing, island hoping and partying amongst others.
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When you are volunteering overseas in Fiji, you can also mix it with a little bit of fun and take in some of the best experiences in the country. A third of the population in Fiji lives below the poverty line but the country is not just grappling with social problems. Additionally, there are plenty of environment and conservation opportunities in the country that offer you a great challenge.

One of the main issues as a small tropical island is that it is very vulnerable to the effects of climate change and experiences its fair share of natural disasters. When you volunteer in Fiji, there are many priority areas where volunteers typically make a contribution and where you are likely to find a wide network of support as well as opportunities to make a big difference. There are Fiji volunteer overseas opportunities such as training teachers, developing school curriculum, working as special teachers and even in nutrition programs in order to combat cases of malnutrition in the country.

Other areas of priority when it comes to volunteering in Fiji include community development programs, sustainable development volunteering opportunities and involvement in policy-making at various levels in order to support government and nonprofit initiatives.

Volunteering overseas in Fiji does not have to cost you a fortune. With professional volunteer overseas programs offered by providers such as Involvement Volunteers International or the IVI, you can get various packages that are suited to your needs, preferences and budgets. Some of the volunteer opportunities offered under this program include the following –

·         Diabetes as well as nutritional education

·         Volunteering in Fijian orphanages

·         Teaching in remote islands

·         Volunteer opportunities in animal shelters

·         Volunteering in special needs programs

·         Volunteering in kindergartens

·         Marine conservation volunteering programs

·         Turtle conservation programs

You can choose from varied volunteer overseas placement programs such as the home stay placement programs, the standard placements as well as the specialty placements. There are many advantages which are associated with choosing volunteer programs as opposed to going it alone. For example, you can leverage on their local knowledge and experience in order to unlock the best volunteering opportunities.

These programs generally offer you full-time support for the duration of the volunteer program. If you are going to Fiji for the first time, you will get competent advice and experience that will help you make the most of this opportunity.

Apart from the volunteering, there is also the opportunity to explore many of the Fijian attractions including the lush tropical beaches for relaxation and sightseeing. With IVI, you can get the advantage of 25 years of expertise in volunteering services as well as a good choice of programs where you can apply your skills and passion in order to make a difference.